Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Welcome to Boylston Education Foundation

Welcome to our new website!

BEF's mission is to raise money to fund teacher grants that enhance the curriculum at Boylston Elementary

The money generated from our fundraisers create learning opportunities for students, faculty and staff that would not be possible without these efforts.  

Each fall begins a new grant cycle.  Boylston Elementary School teachers who seek materials to enrich their curriculum and educational opportunities for students submit grant proposals, which the Boylston Education Foundation processes.  

BEF awards grants based on established criteria.  The amount of grants funded each cycle depends on available monies, which is obviously dependent on the success of our fundraisers.

Throughout the years BEF has improved the life of our students.  Please look at our website and see what BEF is up too.  

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How Schools Can Raise Money Using Amazon

BEF is over-the-top excited to share this budget tip with you! It's something we have been looking into for a while and I finally took the plunge. Now it's your turn ;)

We all like to give back, but we often don't know how to do that when our cash flow is a little tight. The Amazon Associates Program is one way we can give back to our schools without costing us a cent.

What is the Amazon Associates Program?

Amazon.com has an program where they will pay associates a small percentage of a sale (4%-15%) if the sale is made through a link on the associate's website...like, say, your school's website. See where I'm going with this?

Here's the idea in pictures:
amazon affiliate program

Whenever someone uses an associate link to get to Amazon, Amazon will track their purchases over the next 24 hours and that associate gets a percentage of the sale price deposited into their account. 

How can my school use this program?

Just click on our link and bookmark the site.  So simple and easy!  When you are ready to purchase something on Amazon simple click on BEF's link and SHOP!  One extra click and you are supporting your school.

How many times a day week do you purchase something from Amazon? If I took an extra 3 seconds of my time, I could support a good cause and all without leaving my couch. Works for me!